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Plan for the Blog

As we discussed at the last meeting – by the 20th of April we would like two things to happen on the Blog.

1. The first is that each of you post a page for each one of your projects. The idea of the page is that you use it to to describe exactly what your project is about. You can use reference images, video, text or whatever you can think of and suits you. I have posted Fabien’s Christmas Tree project as I think it is a nice example of how to do this.

Think about your page as a way of getting the ideas straight about your project before you start the final term. It is the draft presentation you will give at the exam at the end of the year and the same presentation you will use to talk to people at the show. This page should tell the story behind your work so make it interesting. Don’t worry to much at this point about it being perfect because it can be edited properly when we get back next term.


2. The second thing I would like you to do is go through what you have already posted and make sure the category you have chosen fits what you have posted. Uncheck your name and add new categories. I would like to get rid of the names from the research section so that it reads as a list of research areas. This will make it easier for others to add to your posts in a relevant way. It will also make the site clearer for outsiders visiting it if we decide to promote it during the show or at Barking.

I have a number of ideas about how to promote your names more effectively on the site so don’t worry about authorship right now. We will get to that later.


The Blog is now divided into Projects and Research. If you do a new post it will show up in research. If you make a new page it will show up in Projects;




“New pages” are located here on the sites dashboard. Sign in on using the password and user name in my email and you will easily find the link to the dashboard.

Pages work exactly the same way as posts so it should be familiar territory.






When you post your page make sure to make “Introduction” a parent so that your page shows up in the right place. You can do that here when inside your ” new page”.(see below)





Good Luck and see you next term!



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