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* The Colour of Barking

Author: Jozephine Duker

Barking is a suburb of London. A lot of regeneration takes place there.

What struck me when I went there was that there is a lot of colour but the place feels really ‘grey’.

For instance the new buildings are very bright coloured. Also the building materials are very colourful, they are moving from one side to the other, from project to project. Every time I visited Barking it looked different and the colours changed position.

Because of the big contrast between the old and new buildings the old buildings look even older. Barking doesn’t appear as a cohesive place.

I decided to do a mapping of the colours of Barking. An identity for Barking can be found in colour. Through this identity I want to put Barking on the map in a positive way.

For the colour mapping I photographed things in Barking that had a bright colour. After this, the data was documented to create new colour combinations, to get an insight of typical colours of Barking, to create colour charts and patterns. I divided the colours in three categories: buildings, permanent objects (like street furniture) and moving things (like waste).



Mapping, 26/01/2009, 11.15 am -1.30 pm (sunny weather)


Buildings – big dots on map











Permanent objects – medium dots on map











Waste – small dots on map












All colours collected 26/01/2009, random order


The same colours but now structured in groups


The same colours that I collected 26/01/2009, placed in a figure in a smooth gradient

jozephine-duker-colour-pattern21The following figure shows all the colours I collected 13/11/2008 in a smooth gradient

jozephine-duker-colour-pattern11The market is an important part of Barking. Market stalls occupy the main shopping street, East Street, four days a week. I want to give the market a specific colour to create an own identity for the market and for Barking. I will design a pattern for the fabric that is used for the stalls. And I will create a symbol for Barking. Other patterns that come out of the mapping will be used as prints on fabrics. The fabrics and products made with these colour patterns could be sold at the market.

Barking Market four days a week



Abstract map of Barking


Pattern made of map of Barking



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