Platform Two – RCA

* Barking Arboretum

Author: Bethan Laura Wood

In conjunction with Muff Architects Platform Two has been working within the Area of new development around the Library.

For this project  i was asked to design a 3m floor to go in the Arboretum ,I was interested in the need for distance and detail, within the area. I also wanted to explore the connections between the escapism found in the  fantasy worlds books and the real world connection to the Library.

I have started to collected images of pattern, and detail found within the everyday environment

The design for the for is inspired by my exploration into to rocks and Crystal, i choose these forms as they have a ability to play with scale, some rocks for example may only be a few centimeters in size but they allow us to to imagine them as whole worlds.


examples of my rock drawings


These were my entail designs for the floor i liked the idea that the floor was made from a giant slice of agate , that underneath the Arboretum the ground was made of this rock.  The design uses a mixture of Terrazzo  (the the same materials used for the walk way besides the library), and tiles that are commonly used in public and private out door areas like swimming pool and Victorian garden .

bethanlaurawood_2009_barkingfloor_illastationThrough the research into the maufacture for the floor i became aparent that to make the large agate slice was not going to be possible so i started to work on a new design, this design consised of lots of smaller agates within the 3m disk.

the patch work below was used as a reference for the background of the new floor design , which was to be made of ‘crazy’ paving ( broken Terrazzo).

1coloured in pattern with pattern

drawing of the new proposal , with swatches of

possible Terrazzo to be used.

coloured in pattern with pattern

test of colour ways and agate details close up


Final design, to be made from water jet cut Terrazzo and secondhand broken Terrazzo.


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