Platform Two – RCA


Design practice does not exist alone, nor can 
it be seen as purely an exercise in creating self contained artifacts, it has to be an intrinsic part of a wider system, acting perhaps as catalyst or as parasite, prompting thinking about why,
 how and where things connect. Platform 2 attempts to reconcile conceptual creativity with active contribution within design. Students are encouraged to share their ideas and gather information from the public domain to ask themselves the question “How will we live in the
 public domain.


Jurgen BeyMartino Gamper


Fabien Cappello

Jozephine Duker

Merel Karhof

Lucia Massari

Thomas Pausz

Bethan Wood

Yiting Cheng

Kieren Jones

William Shannon

Site Editors

Gregor Timlin, Marc Owens


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