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World’s Smallest Animals Convention…
March 11, 2009, 12:40 pm
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Entries to the world’s smallest animal convention…


Charlton, Massachusetts, United States from the “Scientology” (Ducky) is known as the world’s smallest size of the dog.”Scientology” weighs just 0.63 kilograms, and is 12 centimeters.


Five-year-old “girl thumb” (Thumbelina) weighs just 27 kilograms, is 43 centimeters, is the world’s most small horse!This is Paul Gosling horses and Kaigeshilin couple’s masterpiece, they dwarf the specialized training and breeding stallion.In dwarf species of horse, “her thumb” print “differently than the rest”: she was of the view that this is a “pygmy.”


In January 2006, scientists in the swamp forests of Indonesia’s Sumatra island found that the fish won the ‘World’s Fish Title’, at just 7.9 mm in length.


The world’s smallest cat figure from the United States, it is called the “Peebles”, is 15.5 cm.


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