Platform Two – RCA

King’s Study at the Palace Versailles.
March 5, 2009, 2:48 pm
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The King’s Study at Versailles is one of the most opulent rooms in the world, – featuring a genuine marble fireplace, Swarovski-crystal chandelier & gold-guild wallpaper.

However, now being sold for £250,000.00, this one is actually a model created by Susie Rogers & her partner, Kevin Mulvany!

Taking 3 months to complete, it is extraordinary in its detail, an exact replica of the one in Versailles.  At a recent exhibition of their work, A presumptuous woman, craning into the Versailles room, said, ‘Just one thing I must point out to you. You have made a little mistake here.’ At those words, the world stopped temporarily for model-maker Kevin. The bustle of the doll’s house exhibition ceased. ‘Oh really,’ he said. ‘What is that?’ This woman knew her architectural history. ‘Well, in the 18th century they didn’t have the technology to make huge sheets of glass, so all the mirrors would be split in at least one place.’ Mulvany smiled and asked her to look a little closer. There, almost invisible, was a thin line that separated the panes of glass. Perfect to the tiniest detail.




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Their work is truly breathtaking; I’ve seen it in real life. It’s dotted all around the world though and should be collected together for an exhibition here in London.

Comment by Joan Cross

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