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Robert Furtak – Ultimate Amateur?
March 2, 2009, 12:45 pm
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Robert Furtak, from Poland, describes himself as a ‘Mercedes Obsessive’.

 When in 1999, Mercedes-McLaren launched their new prototype, Robert loved the car so much, he purchased a mini die-cast model of the car & with a set of caliers, then proceeded to transform his old 1980’s Mercedes model to the new ‘Prototype Vision SLR’ model as exhibited.

 The transformation took Robert just 2 years, quicker in fact than it took Mercedes to launch the model.  Robert hand beat & made all the parts by hand & with the help of his neighbours, completed his version before Mercedes launched their road-legal one.

The Mercedes ‘Vision SLR’, only available on order, costs around £385,000.00.

001.jpg | Brabus | Fotki, Zdjeþcia, Obrazki

02.jpg | Brabus | Fotki, Zdjeþcia, Obrazki

14.jpg | Brabus | Fotki, Zdjeþcia, Obrazki

11.jpg - Original Size -

004.jpg | Brabus | Fotki, Zdjeþcia, Obrazki

002.jpg | Brabus | Fotki, Zdjeþcia, Obrazki



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