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February 23, 2009, 10:00 pm
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The first step in the design of new benches for the inside and outside of the Barking Learning Center, has been to map the industrial area of Creekmouth in Barking.

3543 London OS 7.5k Base



I have been researching and collecting all the production facilities and the people interested in taking part of the project. The idea was to create, by putting together small production facilities, a bigger production plan. Where every single people or workshop is considerated as a step in a larger scall process.




The mapping.

As a reaction to ‘designed with fear’ public furniture I decided to focuse on what the new benches will actually provide to the community of users. What one could really get from the public instalation. Producing every single bit from the bench localy allows me to search for more deliberatly fragile (in the choice of the materials), and users-considering solutions. If, at somepoint, anything get damaged or vandalized, it could be replace quickly and easily by the concerned manufacturer. We can also from there envisage the public space as an evolving space and not so much set in stone environment. A bench might have to change depending on observation of use or misuse. So that the structure provided could be re-adjusted to users senarios.





collecting behaviours



The design of the benches are made from library’s users behaviour observation on site. I want to provide a structure able to give a respond to people behaviour in the library. And create, from there, some interesting configuration of exchange and sharing within the different users. The different benches are designed to blur the border inbetween the behaviour inside and the outside the library. They are made from a very similar structure, but are clothed with different material regarding their environment.


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